Golden berries light the way!

A herb and it’s lush lot,
Growing in a little clay pot,
Sharing precious space,
In a shrub’s caring place…
A rose’s hospitable domain
Is never vain,
Realizes the exotic newcomer,
Soaking in the early rays of summer,
As it rests in nourishing soil,
Bearing testimony to many a beings’ toil,
Absorbing what it needs,
To bring to fruition its seeds,
That are in secure layers bound,
Absorbing the goodness all around.
This, the charming plant learns,
As it sprouts papery young lanterns,
Encasing fruits yet to ripen,
That shall turn heavy and golden,
And in time drop or get snapped,
Before they are unwrapped,
Each revealing a golden berry smooth and gleaming,
Inviting and ready for consuming,
And the unique taste it confides,
Shall surely light up the insides…

Copyright © 2020 RajaRajeshwari N

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