Environmental friendly consumerism

Glad to share I have been indulging in some environmental friendly consumerism… Like borrowing books instead of buying, while renting out my hoarded books and other things, which in turn has been yielding some monetary benefits too…funding some of my literary pursuits. All thanks to the Cayal.in platform.
It was well over a year ago that Anandhi Sridharan shared with me details about her initiative to encourage community renting and borrowing of any product to promote environmental friendly practices. When I say ‘any product’…yes literally any product from clothes and costumes, cycles, musical instruments, accessories, kitchen equipments, exercise machines to books, electronic products and more.
I decided to give it a try. Registered on the platform called Cayal.in.
Soon I found myself borrowing many a books, while lending my books, cycles and musical instruments.
A year later nice to let the results speak for themselves loud and clear – the earnings and the savings, both measurable as well as immeasurable, invaluable in terms of the environmental goodwill gained.

Sharing a few lines inspired by the Cayal experience.

Choices, choices everywhere!
You cant find the right dress to wear…
Choices, here, there and everywhere!
Drowning in them more than you care…

Choices, choices are what you need.
There’s this book you just have to read.
Wants versus needs where does it lead?
All those environmental warnings shouldn’t you heed?

Choices choices call out to you.
Time to give your wants their due
They insist, “Give in to greed, let it be!”
They make all sound reasons flee.
How do you set your mind free?

Choices choices, what can you do?
To your wants and needs how do you stay true,
Without resorting to environmental abuse,
Without compromising on your commitment to reuse, recycle and reduce?

That is when a good friend’s venture
Held the answers clear
When a community is ready to share,
To hope we can surely dare.

Why buy when you can rent?
And the things lying unused or unspent,
That might hold meaning or sentiment,
Yes, those can surely be lent.

Rent and stay mindful of your spend,
Earn from things you can lend,
A habit simple and easy to nurture,
While you contribute towards a greener future.

That indeed is what Cayal offers
A valuable opportunity it confers
To promote reduce and reuse
With a platform simple and easy to use.


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