Movie Review : My Neighbour Totoro

Just watched “My Neighbour Totoro”, thanks to my kids’ insistence.
What an enchanting movie it is…both surreal and grounded. It captures the sheer wonder and joy of childhood. Two children and their father move into an old house in a remote and picturesque countryside, to be closer to their mother who is recovering in a hospital near by. The two little sisters come across curious creatures as well as a giant friendly being in the forest. Their interactions with each other, their neighbours and with these funny and magical beings and their little adventures are filled with delight and sweet appeal. The simple and charming story is infused with elements of fantasy, natural and authentic display of emotions.

Plan to watch the other movies by Studio Ghibli too, as recommended.

I wonder how I never got to watch movies by this studio…prior to this. Not sure why… any mention of these movies never caught my interest or eye. Glad my kids managed to convince me to watch it. I guess nothing beats the magic and excitement of discovering something new – something as unique and magical as this. It was worth the wait.
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