Book Review: Love Letters with Spelling Mistakes by Vaijayanthi Subramanian

The author has eloquently and powerfully narrated eight stories with a rare and brilliant insight that combines fierce intellect, sensitivity and compassion. They are complex, nuanced and deeply stirring and manage to tug the heartstrings and draw deep sighs from the reader.
Each unique story is a bold and uninhibited journey into the human psyche as it explores the actions, emotions and lays bare unapologetically the various aspects that drive them.
The dialogues are intense yet natural and the prose lucid, lyrical and beautiful with extremely well woven plots. Each exquisitely crafted sentence in the book carries a world of meaning and not a word is used in vain or out of place.
The lasting impact of each tale is such that, it helps to pause and reflect and collect the thoughts before proceeding to the next.
The stories touch on the themes of love, loss, trauma, loneliness, guilt, sexuality, mental illness, abuse, feminism, social constraints, gender bias, social stigma, patriarchy, motherhood and more and some leave you with a lingering hint of bittersweet sadness. Each layer is unwrapped with utmost care and presented to the reader while evoking a sense of intrigue and anticipation that makes the book an engrossing page turner.
A much recommended spellbinding read that is haunting, unsettling, uplifting and revelatory; all at the same time.


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