Little pup Trixie

I am Trixie
Part puppy part pixie
With a wagging furry tail
To brighten your day without fail
My ears are large and floppy
To drive out flies and make you happy
My nose can do the sniffing
While you do your reading
Books I shall not chew
‘Cause you love them true
Simple food can fill my belly
And make me a satisfied roly-poly
I wink when I am sleepy
And find the closest stop
Under the coffee table glass top
For some power napping
Before I resume my mischief making
I love my foster home
But looking for a forever home
To quickly take me in
I promise to make your world spin
With loads of fun and puppy tales
To make the sun shine even on rainy days…

Nosy little indie female puppy called Trixie is up for adoption. About 60 days old as of 6th Feb 2020. Two rounds of vaccinations and de-worming done. Was separated from her mom and other siblings by some folks. She and her brother were rescued by construction workers from under a storm drain some days after the rest of the canine family was sent away. Her brother has already been adopted into a kind and loving family. I am currently fostering her.

Special note to any bookworms and writers here…Trixie seems to gravitate towards books and has a nose for sniffing out some great reads. Some pics of her in action. She can make a cuddly and wonderful reading or writing companion as she cheers you on with her approving gaze and delicate sniffing of words.


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