A rocky trek

A fine day to observe and to savour
Tales of yore
Of adventure and valour
Whispered by the rocks
Winding back those clocks
To seeking souls and listening ears
While the wind conjures up and stirs
The collective memory…
An unbound carpet, firm and sturdy
To send the awakened imagination
With no fixed destination
On a daunting trek through bygone eras
Replete with ranis and rajahs

Returned from the timeless trip
Not yet ready for reality’s grip
Earthly refreshments beckoned
The tea winked and chuckled
The vada wearily yawned
While chutney playfully paused
Even as the roots criss-crossed
Cushioning my bare feet
A faint reminder of the carpet’s seat

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N


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