T.V Series review: Over the Garden Wall

Wholesome, whimsical and engrossing series that can be binged watched.
Two brothers journey through the dark, mysterious and surreal woods of the ‘Unknown’ to find their way home even as danger stalks them.
They are accompanied by an endearing bird and they meet many other quirky characters who might not be what they seem. The character progression is natural and each episode is nicely contained and stands complete by itself with an over arching theme and storyline that spans the entire series, bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.
The animated series with its eerie setting, curious attire of the characters and the flow has a haunting story book quality to it with a touch of the melancholy. It might be mildly scary for young children. It is sweetly funny in parts and charming enough to entice the kids and layered enough to hold the interest of the adults. It is a series worth binge watching.

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