Movie Review : Mother!

What did I just watch!? Wish I hadn’t. While from a technical standpoint it is a well-made movie and has probably achieved what it seems to have set out to do, it is one that can make you cringe in intense horror in the last about 15 mins and leave you with a lingering sense of despair and extreme dread.

The metaphor and the symbolism was not lost on me. But nevertheless it was not what I had expected. Had started watching thinking it must be something on the lines of the countless other psychological horror movies out there. Truly disturbing this one, with the abruptly shocking turn it takes towards the end as things spiral out of control in the most sinister and ghastliest of ways.

Edit: My thoughts, just to clarify – skip this movie. Added some more thoughts below as to what freaked me out about the movie. Scroll down to read…but might contain spoilers.

#Mother! on Netflix

Apart from the *symbolism it conveys, while also alluding to environmental abuse, the scene towards the end made me think of kids on social media and what it might do to them. But from a dread quotient it was the scene involving the baby that I just could not handle and just hadn’t expected that and that completely broke and ruined the movie for me. *Symbolism…you will figure it out by the end of the movie.

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