Berries on children’s Day

They passed me by on a roadside cart
Drawing my gaze with a start
Marbles in a lazy heap
That made time do a back flip and leap
Unlocking sweet memories
That glossy pile of berries
Of happy and ridiculous childhood capers
I bought them in conically wrapped papers
And indulged in times gone by
A bouquet of moments on the fly
Childhood revisited…how long has it been?
Maroon, red, yellow, orange and green
Or an enchanting mix of all
Capturing the colors of fall
Tough, tart and chewy on the outside
Sweet and sour on the inside
When ripe, soft and spongy
Else sharp and crunchy
A healthy and guilt-free munch
That delivers a smart punch
Some salt or churan to add a mean kick
By far it is the tastiest snack pick
Sometimes replete with wriggling worms too
That dare to challenge you
Only to be gobbled up and gone too soon
The berry pit remains like a miniature cratered moon
A seed to be dried and sown
So you may wait for a berry tree of your own

Copyright © 2020 RajaRajeshwari N

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