I should be writing as writers do

I should be writing as writers do
Brandishing my pen like a sword
Slaying those thoughts
Laying them to rest
Wave after wave
In a book

I should be writing as writers do 
Tapping the keys like a hammer
Striking those nails
Driving them deep
Row after row
In a book

I should be writing as writers do 
Galloping on hooves like a horse
Conquering those miles
Riding far away
Dune after dune
In a book

I should be writing as writers do
I’m occupied instead
With all those things life demands
And when a fleeting flickering moment
Tentatively lends itself
The writer within cries for release
To let those thoughts flow uninterrupted
Into lines in a book
Seeking moments of sacred peace
In the absence of which, desperation reigns
Few words spilled here
A comment scribbled there
A verse let loose in space
Rhyming or otherwise
A review squeezed out in haste
And the story realm languishes inside
Its denizens and their fates remain trapped
Their emotions untapped
Inside the desolate cave
While the writer lies shackled elsewhere
Fed on a steady diet of promises
Made to self
About the day that will see the writer break free
And enter the cave in triumphant glee
To save the story realm from fading away
Into those obscure recesses of the mind
Where lie many a tales…abandoned and forgotten
I should be writing like writers do
Getting into a NanoWrimo sprint
Ensuring time well-spent
Shunning distractions many
Page after page
In a book


Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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