Carefree days of book shopping

The act of picking a book to read, adding to one’s book collection has turned into such a structured and organized process as the reader is growing more discerning and perhaps older too. Into someone who is time conscious. The literary social media comes to the reader’s aid in furthering this cause of ensuring time, effort, finances are not wasted in pursuit of books that don’t deserve the reader’s glance and instead channelized properly towards the ‘right’ set of books.
Carefully scrutinized and built to-be-read lists being matched to online discounts or book fair sales when possible to streamline it even further, before buying or borrowing. Segregating books that can be borrowed or purchased in ebook format versus print or hardbound, based on the book’s long-term appeal factor among others.
But however efficient and elegant this process maybe, I still miss the good old days of walking into a quaint book shop or library round the corner. Exploring in leisure, discovering books I had never heard of before. Deciding to buy based on details on cover and some glimpses inside or just because the book asked to be picked up, losing track of time and returning home with a satisfying bunch of books spontaneously selected. The sheer pleasure that it brought.

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