Book Review of Move On by Suresh Venkanna

A fast paced adventure thriller with a philosophical edge and just the right dose of wry humour.
Yogi is an average regular guy holding a job in the IT sector, who is used to all the trappings of fine living. An unexpected setback at work followed by a breakup with his girlfriend leaves him disgruntled and longing for a complete change of scene. He is already haunted by the alienated relationship with his father, and that exacerbates his psychological state. He decides to disconnect from his personal world and go on a trip to the Himalayas. But after the initial phase, his journey turns into a perilous and harrowing adventure when he is caught in the Kedarnath floods. He is left precariously stranded when nature’s fury is unleashed in the form of relentless rains. Rains that quickly escalate into dangerous flooding and landslides, making him flee and strive to get to higher ground. Thus begins Yogi’s transformation that is as mystical as it is rooted in reality. He gets to experience what it means to be helpless yet hopeful and courageous in the face of adversity and faces gut wrenching moments. The two self-less, focused, brave and helpful characters who partake in the most hazardous part of his journey and inspire him are a mysterious person named Baba and AK from Indian Army. So does Yogi manage to escape and return to the safe confines of his old life? Read the book to find out.

The narrative is gripping as it flows like the river, seamless and fierce, compelling you to read it in a single sitting. The descriptions of nature’s onslaught, the destruction it leaves in it’s wake and the impact on people are well expressed. Yogi’s thoughts, reactions and the evolution of his character are succinctly portrayed. An engrossing and engaging read.


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