Dragon Duel

Lizard and dragonfly resting on the wall
Following nature’s protocol
Each other’s weaknesses their gazes trawl
As they are locked in silent combat
Not indulging in idle friendly chat
Separated by an invisible fence
Gauging the other via individual lens
Each one deeply aware of the other’s presence
Smooth beige dragon’s intent deeply sinister
As it plots on gulping the winged creature
While alert and mindful is the other
Though nonchalant in appearance
Even as the predator waits with growing impatience
Without budging from its reptilian stance
The dragon cold war hangs in uneasy balance
Imagined scenarios unwinding like a primitive dance
“Hey!” clucked the lizard.
In warning its slim slimy tongue flickered.
“Watch out I’m right behind you.
Don’t I scare you?”
The insolent insect spared not a glance,
In the direction of the anxious reptile’s stance.
Its wings shimmering under the lights,
It stands still, taking in the surrounding sights.
Then a flick of it’s deceptively fragile tail,
Sweeps the lizard off its webbed feet,
Sending it flying a few feet,
To clumsily land below on a table,
Belly up and spinning like a top unstable.
Winged dragon said,”This makes complete sense.
This is what happens
When the prey is larger than the predator.
The latter to the former is not at all a bother.
So take my advice,
Go pick on someone your own size.
Then maybe you get to gobble up your prize”

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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