Review of More Unfairy Tales by T F Carthick

The author ushers in more fairy tales with an eloquent satirical flourish.
He has elegantly re-woven each of the fairy tales with subtle humor, charm, philosophy and a gripping and whimsical narrative, replete with clever titles.
This second volume carries a different kind of compelling appeal, but no less captivating than the first.
The author’s trademark style of satirical spin is well crafted into the tales. The endings and twists are laced with delicious unpredictability, though the mind tries to predict after having read the first volume.
The stories seamlessly unfold from each character’s perspective and manage to draw the reader into the fairy tale worlds enchantingly spun by the author.
Dwarfs, wolves, elves, humans, beast, witches…everyone gets a say and delightfully so.
I’ll not give away the names of the fairy tales and will let you figure them out when you read the book.
All the tales are exquisitely twisted and turned to perfection, enriched with timeless philosophy and will keep you guessing with their interesting and witty takes.
A much recommended read and addition to personal libraries.
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