Leafy jewel of the vine

Who would have thought picking flowers can be so rejuvenating, refreshing and unexpectedly thrilling. That it can have such an effect on the senses. Both in an aesthetically pleasing way and in a nerve-racking ominous sense. As alluring as it can be frightening.

Let me first elaborate on the former.
The fragrance of the Jasmine flowers
Delights the olfactory receptors.
The dainty petals, stems, leaves so bewitching,
Visually enriching,
Suspended raindrops dazzling,
Offering miniature lens,
To view nature’s brilliance.
The overall effect inspiring
A feeling of universal well-being.
Yet a contrasting thought collides,
On the darker side it rides,
Making it a perilous adventure,
The mere act of plucking a flower.
Casting an observant eye on the
I proceed with utmost care.
Why does this feel like a dare?!
Well…what with the vine snakes having made it their home.
A place to freely roam
And stage their deadly plays
As they wait for their preys…
An unsuspecting bird, bee or any other
Drawn to the delectable nectar
And as they perch to sip in leisure
Their pleasure turns to abject terror,
When they are caught and throttled
Or swallowed whole or gobbled,
If they venture sufficiently close.
Then the predator slinks back to its dramatic stationary pose.
Masters of camouflage, these slithery beings,
With their deadly leanings.
Lurking in the crisscross maze
Of the foliage…an obscure place.
These were the images that gripped me fierce,
Invoking primitive fears.
An errant leaf unnatural I sense.
Does it signal it’s presence?
Shaky fingers gingerly detaching the flowers
From their fragile holders,
Causing floral showers
To land on a carpet of grass so lush
With a feeble hush.
It provokes a deep lingering hiss.
My perky ears could not miss,
That unmistakable hiss.
Draped in silky emerald scales,
Its glittering eyes carrying scary tales,
The green crawler calmly emerges
And my dread surges,
Slowing time to a trickle,
No moment to be fickle.
I scamper away,
The basket in a wild sway,
Half the contents spilling,
While it watches unmoving,
At the human madly fleeing.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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