An enchanting visit to the farm

Attended a birthday party today. It was innovatively and heartwarmingly celebrated at a lovely farm that is simply and aptly named The Farm. It included a nature tour by an exuberant tour guide and a treasure hunt that captivated the children and the adults.
Sharing some lines and photos inspired by this memorable and enriching day at this enchanting farm.

A day spent in mother nature’s embrace,
At the Farm, a glowing nurturing place,
With it’s offering of nuanced flavours
Of various life forms flourishing,
Surrounded by a green cover so nourishing.
Experienced through city dwellers’ multi-hued lenses.
A mesmerizing treat for the senses.
Plants flaunting super powers of various types,
Be they seeds offering colorful natural dyes,
Or flowers and leaves repelling flies.
Some are aromatic, nutritious or healing,
Whether or not visually appealing,
From a vivid composite flower,
To a tall and elegant papyrus tower,
Plants bearing cherries, dragon fruits, oranges, tamarinds and more,
Hosting a carnival of tastes galore.
A feast for any herbivore or omnivore.
Goats and their kids humbly enjoying their greens.
Birds lending music to all the changing scenes.
Millipede transforming into a tight curl,
Snail retreating into the comfort of its spiral,
Ants dwelling inside their neatly woven nest,
An engineering feat at it’s leafy best.
Waddling ducks gathering in threes,
Hens merrily running round the trees,
Ginny fowls keeping to their own lanes,
All of them busily feeding on the grains.
A turtle peeping from it’s firm shell,
Warily assessing the sudden pell-mell,
Squinting at the morning light,
Ready to steal a luscious bite,
From a plump hand that may draw near.
Close-by rests another…its peer,
A shy tortoise, harmless and wise,
Under its armour it contemplates and decides,
Then demurely pokes its head out just a bit…not much,
And slowly warms up to human touch.
Just another day at The Farm,
With flora and fauna exuding pervasive charm.
The elements of nature in endless action,
All beings are drawn into mutual interaction,
Soaking up the to and fro warm attention,
To observe and to welcome observation,
In a show of timeless expression,
Revealing cycles of friendly co-existence,
A glimpse of our planet’s life essence.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N


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