Literary Lab

The child inspected the lines with care
And got to work with a confident air.
With a casual shrug
She gave the poem a gentle tug.
Just like she had been taught to
And got started without further ado.
Piece by agonizing piece she pulled it apart.
Then meticulously labeled each part.
Her mind was a machine that spotted the metaphor,
Moved her gaze to “Together! Together!”,
Making her read the repetition,
Examined the lovely long line with the alliteration,
With a marker as bright as the sun in winter
Made her highlight the simile,
Unraveling all the threads in the tapestry,
When it identified the onomatopoeia finally,
It prompted her to let out a triumphant cry,
Then she performed a cross section.
A proper literary dissection
Carried out with clinical precision.
All the literary devices employed,
With cool detachment she thus exposed,
Laying bare all the layers to be appreciated,
Before proceeding to the poem’s root.
She proclaimed, “Herein lies the heart!”
“And here rests its inimitable soul…”,
Awe lighting up her voice
And making her face glow.
In a book meant for such writings,
She neatly recorded her special findings
In perfectly structured alignment.
Before progressing to her next assignment.
It was just a another day of experiments
At the literary lab of syntactical elements.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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