Life’s pages

Flower hosting a busy bee
That seeks traces of honey
While hovering free.
Then heading elsewhere
With rich pollen to share.
Somewhere a burst pod is adrift
After dispersing its precious gift.
Shimmering bird behind its floral fort
Holding solitary court.
High above on the taut wire
Silently sits a talented flyer,
Watching, waiting, wanting…
No action too daunting
Till the moment arrives.
Then in a heartbeat it dives.
A flying acrobat at its best.
Imperceptible flap of wings and a snap.
Another fly in its cap.
A nourishing morsel caught in its beak.
The startled insect…too weak.
Now its luck on the ebb
After its prior escape from a web,
Seemingly old and discarded,
With a mysterious message to be decoded.
It is just another regular dawn.
The breathtaking show is always on…
A book of life flaunting live sensory images,
Bare glimpses of life’s stages,
As your gaze flips through nature’s pages.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani


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