Little Miss Green Paws

Dear canine gal loves to jog and run.
Her entire body in giddy motion,
From the tip of her nose till the end of her tail,
Like a wind possessed boat’s sail.
Yes, she loves to do a gleeful jig,
As much as she loves to fiercely dig,
To poke and to prod,
Be the soil tightly packed or porous and soft.
So that is what she did intend…a year ago when she chose a spot.
But she swung her tail and broke an old pot,
That was filled with mud, dry and cracking,
Along with an old withered sapling.
With a furtive glance she resumed digging.
She went deeper and deeper…all the way sniffing,
With her paws continuously working,
Her nails razor sharp, curved and tough,
Only stopping when she believed it was enough.
Then off she went sprinting,
Stopping…only to begin bouncing and grinning,
Falling and rolling on the mud to her fill,
Heeding only to her own wild will.
She bounded to her freshly dug hole,
That resembled the abode of an illustrious mole.
She was poised on her sturdy paws,
As she released her strong jaws,
To drop into the pit…the thing.
The one she had been long holding.
It was not a precious bone,
Nor was it a collector’s stone.
(Though a connoisseur of all things fine,
this canine Miss surely is)
But rather it was an itsy-bitsy seed,
Carrying within a tiny sprout in need
Of a good home…in fertile soil.
It slid down the jagged slope of the puppy’s toil,
Even as the pup went back into action,
Shoving soil to daintily wrap the seed and aid germination.
She concluded her green labour,
Placing a ‘Y’ shaped stick as a protective layer.
Then the skies flared open,
As in July it does often happen.
A light shower swept over,
Lending a nourishing gossamer cover,
Sealing the seedling’s fate
And a year later here’s an update…
A hearty plant that bends, sways and grooves,
In tandem with her canine pal’s cheerful moves.

Don’t you think little Miss Green Paws deserves much applause?

Disclaimer: While this particular narration is inspired by true events, there have been a few instances of our canine uprooting freshly bought new saplings or lifting orchids from their beds of coal chips and earnestly trying to plant them on the ground, with timely human intervention that prevented any disastrous results so far.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani