A message in the sky

The azure sky reveals a charmer
Clad in fluid armour
Carried by breezy whispers
Draped in wispy layers
Like mythic dragon slayers
It is an airborne knight
Brandishing a message of light
An angelic invite to set things right
Sent to the billowing fumes below
That ceaselessly blow
The transient being glides high
Sporting a look so wry
Surveying with a silent cry
The once pristine land monopolized
By the human species colonized
There is much to repair
It floats in mute despair
Its purpose in a daze
Holding the sun’s gaze
In its misty aching heart
Mirroring its counterpart
Shrouded in clouds beyond
Droplets held in a seamless bond
Setting them gently aglow
Before resuming its flow
Its wings beckoning to all
For peaceful co-existence its call
It twirls, whirls and drifts…bidding adieu
Thus it melts away into the blue

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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