A young reader’s review

A post by an AA Book Nerd made this author’s day! Could not resist sharing here the young reader’s review that delightfully captured the spirit of Lorkum’s Quest and set this author’s (A.R. Sara) heart soaring. Thanks to Archana Atri (founder of AA Book Nerds Club) for introducing my book to a young audience and sharing feedback. A heartwarming gesture that left me uplifted and encouraged to write more. Means a lot to an author to know that the book was not only read but also enjoyed by the reader, enough to leave a review.

Here’s her review –
“AA’s Book Nerd-11yr old Jiya, reviews a book by AR Sara,’Lorkum’s Quest’.

The book Lorkum’s Quest, written by AR Sara, is the wildest imagination a writer could put into words. It appealed to my whacky sensibilities immensely. I thrive on dark humour and sarcasm, and I found these in abundance in this book.

The storyline is- Akash and his classmates bring a monster into the real world based on their constructs. The name of the monster is Lorkum, and he challenges them to various quests- hence the book’s name came to be. The story is pacey and exciting. At points, it sent chills down my spine. What really amazes me is the way in which the author makes fantasy way, way crazier than one can imagine it to be,at times using descriptions I couldn’t even fathom. For instance, “The windows started slamming shut and fading away, to blend in with the walls, just like the door”and “We were walled in”and “The board appeared to expand and swell up”. The descriptions are both bizarre and precise so that the reader can visualise the magical elements,or at least think that they have.

I realised that I’ve never been so involved in feeling the action while reading a book. This was like reading in 7-D!!! I was transported to the class, feeling totally terrified. I know this sounds absurd, but boy, I’m not wrong! You want to scream with the characters; you want to help them find solutions in their quests; you get disconnected from the real, boring world into one of thrills and adventure.

I love how the story takes place in a school. Who knew that a place like that could give you the most lunatic experience of your life!This story is also about the average and the ‘different’ children who too can do heroic things. This doesn’t necessarily depend on our looks, intelligence and capabilities. Rather, it depends on the amount of hard work, focus and potential we put into reaching our desirable goals. It is not the labels that count, but the actions.

Read the book. You’ll thank me when you do.

#bringingwordsalive #raisingreaders #talkingbooks #bewhatyouwanttobe #dowhatyouwanttodo #authorspowerchange”

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