An ode to Rosary

An ode to Rosary, my alma mater

Childhood memories over time shall surely fade
I believed that’s just how my mind was made
Till I met friends after two decades and more
We spoke till our throats were comfortably sore
Our eyes sparkling with renewed familiarity
Faces beaming with laughter and clarity
Discovering that so much in common have we
Tucked away dusty perceptions blissfully set free
Recounting experiences past and those yet to be
Sharing stories old, new and previously untold
Reliving achievements ranging from mild to bold
Relating incidents funny, serious and true
My heart blending all into a delightful brew
As the recollections echoed and grew
Fresh sketches my thoughts etched and finely drew
Extending the sturdy bridge to easily traverse
The flow of time and paths so diverse
A bridge of memories intertwined with friendship
Carrying its merry crew on a magical trip
Back to those days of only study and play
So fleetingly gone by yet always here to stay
Nice to get swept away now and then
All the more since I travel not very often

Jolly little girls dressed in red then green
Looking so smart, crisp and clean
Matching belts and smiles always seen
With collars and socks glowing white
Shiny black shoes polished bright
Chalks, scales, sharpeners, erasers and pencils
Elegant Fountain pens with royal blue ink fills
Our ideas and views set ablaze
Always under the teachers gentle gaze
No place to hide or laze
Compact ground hosting many a games
From teeny tots to lovely dames
Standing in near perfect rows
Feet on ground steadily we rose
Each one in her own right a unique rose
Inspired to reach the highest summits
Safely ensconced within walls without limits
Overlooking a stunning cathedral with towers so tall
All this and so much more I cannot help but recall
Mastering the three “R”s was never better
Pronouncing perfect Ws, Os and every letter
Baerr and jaam with churan in every color, flavor and taste
During the break bought and relished in wild haste
Just a glimpse of those times that I fondly recall still
What sheer joy to bask in them at will
Which I gladly shall to my fill
Savour these reminiscences…like a warm winter rain
Till we all meet again…


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