Nature’s Embrace

In mother nature’s embrace
For everyone there is a place
You and me and yes…you and you
Big and small and old and new
All the flora and fauna too
Be they wild or be they tame
To her they are all the same
Anywhere they may be in the food chain
With changing grace our lives she does sustain
Chilly, breezy and sunny days followed by cooling rain
The singing crickets and croaking toads
Crossing the streams and busy roads
Elephants, lions and tigers by the lakes
The running streams and slithering snakes
Bushy tailed squirrels frisky and bright
Other creatures frolic out of sight
In her landscape everything fits just right
Birds that fly low or high
Under clouds that float in the sky
At night, as in my bed I lie
I wonder and sigh
About the stars that dot the sky
I blink and I think
There is no star like my own
Or a planet like my Earth, my home…

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N


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