Nature’s musical

Over soggy grass
Swirling mists pass
Fireflies carrying lamps
Skim mossy green camps
Where lichen freely blooms
Twilight eerily looms
Scary twisting tales
Told by prancing flames
Thoughts still
Shadows fill
Cold and warm
Clamps on arm
Feathery leech bites
On glowing bonfire nights
Ancient knotted roots
Serve as tuffet for boots
Spitting crackling logs
Vy with croaking frogs
Leaping sizzling sparks
Shimmering rising larks
In a band rises and arcs
And like a shower falls
To haunting bird calls
Amidst myriad smells
A story it tells
Of a dense dark forest
Where old spirits rest
And surreal dreams dwell
Deep down a depthless well
Lies a binding spell
Nature’s own musical
Mystical and real

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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