Why I write?

I have been often asked what drives me to write creatively. Here’s an attempt to explain.
Writing is a blissful experience for me. So simply put that is what drives me to pen my thoughts.
I embarked on my creative writing adventure when I was a kid. It was sometime after I had started reading and writing in complete sentences.
I always had a tendency to silently observe the world around me, daydream and reflect and loved listening to stories narrated by my parents and grandfather.
Over the years this evolved into a strong desire to pen down my dramatized reflections and daydreams and to read books across genres to my heart’s fill. While reading, just as one can get lost in a book that appeals, I tend to lose myself in the writing process after a certain point. Then the words flow, making their way from thoughts to words expressed as effortlessly and naturally as breathing. Once this point is reached, it is almost meditative. I gain inspiration from my observations of everyday life and glimpses of nature. Most of my writing centers around fantasy and fables and some of it also focuses on beings or topics not very popular or mainstream. For example beings like snakes, mouse, snail, ant, squirrel, egret and more tend to feature in my writing …well you get the picture.
I have been trying to write realistic fiction, without giving in to the strong urge to introduce supernatural elements.

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