Grasshopper grasshopper!

Grasshopper grasshopper on the prowl
With eyes rounded like an owl
And a reptilian gaze sure to chill
While you wait unmoving and still
Like you are glued to the concrete wall
Draped in your leafy and cheery green shawl
Over a transculent and gleaming shell
How long will you be here, pray tell?
Is it for a casual and short stay?
Or are you waiting for your poor prey,
To make it’s appearance today?
Grasshopper grasshopper you are a song
Your whiskers are so very straight and long!
And spindly legs mighty lengthy and strong
Casting shadows of a menacing monster
Is that who you are…a dangerous predator?
Or are you just a harmless prankster?
Grasshopper grasshopper stay a while
There…I got your pic for my virtual file
Now you are free to leave in style!

Had a long and hectic day and could not stop to even pen a few words or rest my thoughts a while. Just when I was feeling tired and my eyes were starting to droop, this little creature comes into view. It lifts my spirits and compels me to pen a few lines. Grateful for all the muses the universe sends my way.

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