Revival of a beloved age-old tradition

There was a rich oral tradition of storytelling which was being passed down through generations and persisted over time, in several parts of the world. Not only did it predate written literature, but it stimulated the human imagination and created a sensory experience that was unique, apart from serving a human need to bond and connect with others. There were instances where epic storytelling sessions lasted over several days. This tradition played a significant part in the spread of culture, ideas, narratives and different perspectives. Then it slowly began to fade with the changing face of the world till it was reduced to nostalgic memories. Some remnants of it still remained, but restricted to few scattered places or as part of tourist attractions.
But in recent times with the social media becoming an intrinsic part of our lives, there seems to be a marked resurgence of the oral lore culture like never before. The growing trend of professional storytelling, performance poetry, spoken word poetry and more on similar lines which are on the rise, bear testimony to the revival and expansion of that age old tradition. There seem to be no limits to the genres or scope of this form of spoken word literature as it continues to capture the attention and imagination of the young and the old and carve a niche for itself in the professional sphere of arts and entertainment. A heartening development for sure.

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