Pumpkin soup

It lay obscured by leaves.
Resting and grounded in peace.
Unripe under open skies
Away from prying eyes.
Then an unexpected something
Off snapped the stem with a ping.
And like a godmother’s magical offering
It rolled to the grass, a miniature pumpkin.
A perfectly shaped little munchkin.
Naturally grown, glossy and deep green.
Its surface glassy and reflective with a wax-like sheen.
A sight to hold one’s attention rapt.
The timing could not have been more apt.
This season of chills, flu and cough calls for the warmth of a wholesome soup.
And listening to soothing songs in a loop. So the pumpkin was lightly cooked with garlic, onions, coriander and a generous dash of butter.
Then blended into a smooth and creamy mixture.
And served in a thick ceramic bowl like cup.
Easy to hold in leisure and sip up.

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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