What is on my mind?

Facebook asked me today morning, just as on any other morning,”What is on your mind?”
While I always let this question slide, today it prompted a response. One I could not hold back. I had just received what appeared to be an undeniable sign from the universe. Just as I placed a chapathi on the plate and opened FB for a quick glance a strange coincidence occurred. It made me do a doubletake and turn my gaze back to the plate, focusing on a specific spot on the thoroughly flattened and cooked chapathi.
So I responded thus to Facebook to convey the thought that had just entered my mind.
“A burnt patch on a chapathi phulka that resembles a Yoga posture that is probably indicative of heartfulness, mindfulness, meditation and surrounded by an extensive aura!”
Did I eat the Chapathi?
Of course not!

So coming to the burning question on many a minds…what did I do with this yogic chapathi?
While I was deeply contemplating on what to do with it…do I preserve and frame it if feasible or do I transform it into a sweet offering or do I…do I… Well the kiddos came home from school, found it, rolled it up with a dollop of jam and ate it up with a gusto! It is after that…that I snapped out of my trance. So that was that…😅


  1. Beautiful Rajesh! The owl’s musing is so real! I wonder if it really felt that way about us humans! your creativity and fantasy is at its peak! Don’t let it hover down!


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