Musings of an owl!

/Prologue – I entered into a staring contest with an owl today…and needless to say I lost and this is what the owl had to say!/

Do you see me, do you see me now?
My eyes are limpid pools of tranquil love!
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Watching you watching me,
Un-moving like a deep rooted ancient tree.
My ceaseless stare,
Issuing you a dare.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Momentarily break away from your daily race,
And venture into my space,
Where reality as you know it, is moot.
Listen…listen to me hoot!
Tu-whit tu-whoo!

Calmness wrapped around my being,
Inside a universe all seeing,
I sat perched on a branch, firm and cool.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Over self I sturdily rule,
Unruffled by the passing gale.
In its wake, the wayward clouds moved in like a veil,
Over the buildings and the meadows,
Draping my day in shifting shadows.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
I felt my feathers stir and rise.
Its presence I sensed even before hearing its muffled sighs.
The two legged creature had spotted me.
Naturally I swiveled around to see
And I found it making googly eyes at me.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Its head poking out from a hole in it’s lair,
One lacking in nature’s abundant light and air,
Though elaborate…its self-made enclosure.
Its features were animated, lacking my composure.
The startled look finally focused to lock into mine,
Like it had never before seen one of my kind.
Its eyes revealed the clamor in its mind,
Thoughts huddling then scattering like a chaotic crowd,
Even before it uttered them out aloud.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
It blinked as if to break my steady gaze,
Even as I meandered through it’s mind’s maze.
Swiftly it moved out of my line of vision,
Only to reappear, eyes gleaming like it was on an important mission.
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Then it brought up that thing to cover most of its face,
The very thing these creatures are never seen without, these days.
Like they could not express themselves without its flimsy guise.
Clicking, snapping sounds erupted, punctuated with its excited cries!
Tu-whit tu-whoo!
Flashes of light illuminated me and my cozy retreat.
It grinned then smacked its lips like savoring a treat,
Before vanishing into its concrete nest,
To carry on with whatever it does best,
Now that it had captured my serene likeness for all its friends to see.
Yet I remain unchanged and free,
As I continue to observe and just be…
Tu-whit tu-whoo!

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N


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