Little Miss Hen

Here I am with Little Miss Hen who goes by the name Veekolee.
Isnt she a look-alike of Billina?
Remember Billina? The brave amd spunky hen who saves the day along with Dorothy in the book ‘Ozma of Oz’/Return to Oz by L. Frank Baum.


Sharing a few lines inspired by Veekolee.

In my recent travels
Through towns, hills and dells
Attending kith and kin’s gatherings
I met many interesting beings
But none so sassy
Or quite as fiesty
As little miss hen
Gifted with uncanny ken
Equally at ease indoors or in the fen
She is a true native of the country side
Her gait lined with a twinge of pride
In the company of her pal,(who is my cousin, a nature loving gal)
Miss hen is chatty and keen
Eager to steal any scene
With her rhythmic clucking
And her synchronized feet tapping
Or by fluttering her fine velvetty feathers
She displays charm and grace
Earning wild and deserving praise
She delights at get-togethers
When her views she does fiercely air
With such dramatic flair!


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