Book Analysis “Devotion of Suspect X” by Keigo Higashino

I have been on a reading spree lately.
But one of the books that continues to linger on my mind is “Devotion of Suspect X” by Keigo Higashino.
Unable to make peace with my understanding of the ending. Can’t seem to shake off the feeling that I missed something significant.
Loved the slick and vivid narrative, the unusual and unique plotline that kept me glued to my Kindle screen, swiping away pages and minutes till the wee hours of morning. Enjoyed the casual to edgy sparring, a competition almost, between Physics and Maths represented by two main characters who happen to be friends, both ingenious and brilliant in their own ways.
The story seemed to (deceptively perhaps?) allude to two parallel lives or aspects of a person’s character, one driven by the force of science and logic while the other is ruled by the power of love. When a situation presents itself where love is threatened, the two aspects or lives collide or collaborate, (depending on how you perceive it), to conceive a plan that is immaculate in its entirety. Well almost…
Love is supposedly blind and Maths is rational but Physics with its theories, formulas and appetite to handle exceptions, strives to apply Maths to remove the blindfold and does not rest till it succeeds in its goal?
So what is the unpredictable variable that led to the unraveling of this alliance between Maths and Love when Physics intervened? Was it the fallibility of love itself, sense of guilt and other associated emotions that elude the realm of Maths, or was it ego or something more sinister cloaked in the disguise of “Maths meets Love”?

So how to intrepret the ending? Am I over complicating it? But then doesn’t a story such as this deserve an analysis that goes beyond taking the ending at face value…

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