Love is…

Today is a day for building memories to hold dear, to cherish and to savour…memories to soak in…on sunny or cloudy days that follow.

So do pen a line or two
On what love means to you
From your heart, fresh and new
Make it funny, sweet or intense but true

From my end here are a few…

Love is being content with just “me”
Love is that transcient, esctatic feeling of being one with all the beings in the universe
Love is when desire blends with sharing and caring
Love is rediscovering and falling for my inner self
Love is the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee, freshly ground and brewed
Love is a fusion of sounds, smells, sights and warm fuzzy feelings that transport me to a world beyond
Love is losing myself in the magic of the moment
Love is letting my heart embrace my mind
Love is waiting for sunshine after riding the storm
Love is the sound of windchimes, rustling of leaves and the smell of rain drenched earth
Love is the taste of Cadbury’s chocolate after a long tiring day
Love is letting my affections blindfold my ego
Love is what happens when his eyes mirror my soul

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