An ode to the kite!

T’is the season of flying high,
With your kite soaring in the sky!
Just the right gust of wind,
To lift it off the ground
And stay air bound.
Hold on to the twine,
Keep your eye on the line,
Run and kick up some dust,
Yes, you surely must!
As you look past the blinding sun,
Never losing sight of the zooming fun,
Watch it spin, flounder and take a dive,
Like a paper bird come alive,
As it makes a ruckus up in the air,
Twirling, swirling, whirling with a flair…
Deceptively still before it rises again,
Oh! It is anything but plain…
This square sheet of paper.
It can put up such a lively caper!
Part of the trick is in tying the string and span and size,
While the rest of it…in the timing lies.
Now let the spool roll free,
But don’t let it flee.
Tug a little,
Pull a little,
Just manoeuvre…
Manoeuvre, manoeuvre, manoeuvre
Not so hard to figure,
To make it go even higher.
Higher higher higher!
Till you run out of twine.
Then you know it is the farewell sign.
Time to let go and break into a song…
Keep it short or make it long
An ode to the kite!
Kite, kite, kite
That made your heart feel so light,
And made your spirit take flight!


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