A quirky green

What could this possibly be?!
This bizarre sight before me…
Not a cucumber can this be.
Flawless and smooth without a spot…
A succulent and plump green leaf it is surely not?!
A pre-historic creature’s tail!
Or maybe an unfurled green stole of a swirly curly snail…
Remains of a headless spiky snake,
Of a hitherto unseen make…
A yet-to-be identified part
Or a long-ago petrified heart
Of an undiscovered species perhaps…
Come to light after an iceberg’s collapse.
An under sea creature’s shapely fin
Or the feather of its elusive land twin!
Is it an ingredient for a witch’s brew
Or a delicious otherwordly stew?!
It offers not the barest of a clue…
Whatever it may be
Does not matter a bit you see
‘Cause it sure does stir up musings, setting them free…
On a freezing winter’s day
The warmth of quirky imagination is here to stay…

Copyright © 2019 RajaRajeshwari N

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