Our beautiful planet

Sometimes I wonder…when we talk about caring for or saving the environment, or saving planet Earth, isn’t it rather subjective?!
Our desperation to transform for the better does not appear to truly stem from a selfless love and admiration towards Mother Earth.
We only care about the ecosystem that supports and sustains “our human lives” on earth. Earth does not need us, does she? She is just hosting us and we are but just her temporary guests. Insignificant we maybe, but gifted we are with a rich imagination that makes us perceive and personify our hostess as an all forgiving mother. Earth is not really impacted or harmed by our actions in the long run. But rather it is the ‘transient’ ecosystem critical to support and sustain our lives (along with the other innocent beings sharing our eco-space) that is severely impacted.
Our beautiful blue planet, dwelling in the “habitable by humans” Goldilocks zone, could just as easily shed the current eco-system as simply as the natural shedding of the endometrium layer and drape herself in a brand new one and we might not even be part of that new equation. She might even find a way to process the floating plastic continent, heal the ozone layer, wipe out our carbon footprint, set right the mess we created and reset and re-instate a whole new eco-system, biosphere, that is not necessarily similar to the current system. One that does not specifically include the likes of us…the humankind, while other species from the plant and animal world are protected and nourished and are rehabilitated by her, to flourish in that new system.


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