Another world

An aging, withering tree stump
Long ago slayed and made numb
Decaying, ignored and discarded
Strangely reflects elegance understated
‘Cause it harbours with care
Something it is unwilling to share
A secret…decadent and ethereal
It does neatly conceal
In the plainest of views
A sprinkle of leading clues
Obscured and curled
It hosts another world
Seemingly unguarded
Petrified line of mushrooms
Stacked as perfect staircases
To carry light footed creatures
The fresh ones serve as lovely canopies
Over delicate and discreet openings
Allowing tiny beings to gaze out
From their quaint interiors
Into a chaotic place
When they choose to
While remaining carefully hidden
From prying bipeds’ eyes
Filled with mistrust and fearful fascination
Patches of soft green moss
Cushiony landing platforms
Making it so damp a stump
With a precarious bark
Showing ages of rot
Appearing too moth-eaten and crumbly
To be used for firewood
Protecting and preserving
Whatever is left
Of an otherworldly splendour
Ancient and timeless in nature
Transient they are not
As others surely are
The old keepers of the forest
Rejoice still in that knowledge
As they shrug off any attempts
By curious wayfarers
To intrude into their sacred space
Yet, those who hail from a primitive dimension
With an intrinsic capacity to harm
Seek to capture their outlandish charm
Having sensed something more
A flicker of gossamer wings perhaps
Attached to little green nimble beings
Ones that delve into magic
Of the earthy and natural kind
To make all things breathe and grow
But that world now remains
Steadfast and firmly closed
Out of reach from creatures undeserving
Leaving behind only fading memories
Of another place and a better time
Copyright © 2018 RajaRajeshwari N

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