Movie Review of – “I’m the pretty thing that lives in the house” on Netflix

Watched “I’m the pretty thing that lives in the house” on Netflix. Found it rather interesting and stimulating despite the not so favorable reviews. It is a movie that flows like a book with out-of-focus scenes that I found to be more chilling than the general jump scares and human portraits that beg to be studied and dissected. The story revolves around an aged and ailing horror fiction writer who is almost ready to kick the bucket, a soon-to-be-dead nursemaid Lily (not a spoiler as this is revealed in the initial narration) caring for the writer and a ghostly spectre from the past. The writer of horror fiction, as a young author in her prime, shown in ‘circular’ flashbacks, gains more than inspiration from two ghostly muses, one from the past and one from the future, who provide live fodder for her book “The lady in the wall”. I managed to pause at the scene where Lily opens the first page of the book “The lady in the wall” and found a very big clue to satisfactorily explain the ambiguous ending. It felt like the movie attempted to allude to or be an an allegory to the tragedy of lives wasted-away in insipid pursuit of the needs of the present without passion or drive or a zest for the future? A recommended movie for fans of slow-burn horror with an artistic flavour. Has anyone here watched it yet? What are your thoughts?

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