Musings of a puppy!

Through a whimsical canine’s eyes!
Musings of a puppy…
Gazing into the wild green yonder
Whether to leap over I ponder!
What fun would it be to freely run…
Explore the vast unknown
In the company of nature one is never alone.
Get acquainted with the winged beings hovering in the air
Launching off into the blue skies without a care
And the furry, slimy and the slithery ones on the ground
As they move around noisily or without a sound.
Playful, shy, friendly, snappy or rude…
Is it their nature or just their mood?
Fascinating creatures all
Be they small, large, short or tall.
Later rest in an elegant sphinx pose.
In sheer wonder my eyes close
My nose sniffing the fresh morning grass
I give all thoughts a pause
Basking in the moment…knowing that this too shall pass.
Soaking up the sun’s goodness
Its nourishing rays envelop me with warm fondness.
A pleasant feeling that is sure to stay.
What a wonderful start to the day!

Text & Images © N.RajaRajeshwari 2018

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