1492 – An eclectic gourmet experience!

A unique, dazzling and delectable experience at 1492! It is a recently launched world kitchen, located on the Whitefield Main Road, Near Kundanahalli signal, down the lane right next to the Apollo Clinic building.
It is one-of-a-kind global kitchen that offers an enchanting and rare confluence of cuisines from around the world. The same is also reflected in the aesthetically and artistically designed eclectic decor, paintings and soothing music to beautifully harmonize with the cuisine of the day, overall creating a mesmerizing ambiance that can transport you a different world.
We learnt to make Churros, watch the Master Chefs Howard and Paula in amazing action as they whipped up authentic Mexican dishes from fresh ingredients…while enthralling us as they patiently explained some of the magic that goes into the culinary art.
We got to savor the enticing seven course meal amidst the warm company of friends accompanied by laughter and stimulating conversation that ranged from international cuisine to fiction and non-fiction books and more.
Thanks to the Master Chefs for their amazing hospitality and offering us an unforgettable and marvelous experience.

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