Creative Writing Workshop

While vacationing, a sweet opportunity presented itself. An invitation to conduct creative writing workshops for the primary grade students and interact with the teachers of Lakshmi Narayana Nursery and Primary School. A progressive school situated in a lovely and quaint village on the pristine foothills of Kodaikanal.
On entering the school premises I was impressed to find the environment conducive to creativity, individuality, imagination and learning. It had a perfect blend of modern infrastructure and teaching methodology and imbibed the charm that comes with being in the vicinity of a hill station.
After a warm reception by the school management and staff, I was introduced to a set of exuberant children on a pleasant and breezy weekday morning.
The children’s animated responses during both the sessions I conducted was commendable. I was delighted to find the children enthusiastic, feisty, expressive, confident and imaginative. It was exciting see their thoughts, musings, stories unfold colorfully when given creative prompts, encouragement and guidance. The interaction with the teachers was lively and stimulating.
It was a pleasure to find that the school reflects and reinforces my belief that creativity cannot be forced but has to be nurtured.
Thanks to Rohini Sounder at Lakshmi Narayana Nursery and Primary school for inviting me.

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