A resort right out of a story book

A resort that made me joyfully reminisce of Enid Blyton story books!
A memorable vacation well spent in a unique resort nestled in the beautiful wilderness of Kodai hills.
Fruits N Beans Mountain Resort. As the name suggests the scenic resort is dotted with fruit orchards and coffee plantations, teeming with diverse flora and fauna.
Apart from being treated to a captivating orchestra of bird songs and animal calls, we happened to also sight some of the interesting fauna native to the woods there.
Enormous yet dainty butterflies in vivid blues and greens, exotic (for a city-dweller) variety of birds and of course wild animal sightings too. The crowning moment for me was coming face to face with a bison. Majestic and stunning, it filled me with a sense of awe rather than fear. Before the fear could set in, the beast broke eye contact and sauntered off into the depths of the forest. And to think I had earlier wondered lightly about the “Bison Crossing” sign.
Wildlife encounters and experiences apart, we found the resort steeped in warmth and simplicity yet elegant and exquisite in ambiance. The rooms were spacious and aesthetically done with a rustic charm. The food was lip-smacking delicious and amazing enough to tantalize the taste buds with an appealing and intriguing spread that was a blend of local cuisine and continental flavours.
Was pleasantly surprised to find small shelves of eclectic book collections strategically placed here and there creating reading nooks and corners. Something noteworthy for a bookworm like me.
The nature hike was rejuvenating and a beguiling indulgence for the senses as the trail took us on a meandering path through the lush greenery marked by orchards of oranges and coffee blooms and more. We even crossed a macadamia nut tree and that made me instinctively look around for Kako (The notorious crow from my story books, in case you are wondering ;-)).
Overall it was a delightful experience that we plan to return to, for a long weekend. 🙂

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