Homework woes! Something ate my homework…

Something ate this student’s homework. Read on to find out more…

“Your homework is not where it should be
So let me see…
Was it the dog that ate it up may be…
Chewed it all into a pulp
And swallowed it in a single gulp?”
Asked the teacher raising a brow.
The pupil replied sounding low,
“Ma’am believe me when I tell you this,
School assignments are not something I like to miss
It was eaten up indeed,
A most cruel and nasty deed!
Painful it was…to witness my work guzzled up in a blink,
But just not in the way you think…
So this is what really happened.
Do hear me out till the end.
It was a long weekend,
With an unexpected end.
I worked hard on the school project.
Smartly using the laptop’s intellect.
Loads of information I did collect.
As I browsed the world wide internet,
I found diagrams with properties of a magnet,
And images of the continents on our planet.
I say this with sincerity and no hyperbole.
Traveled from the tip of the North pole,
To the very end of the South pole.
To complete the quest you set me on,
Fighting every distraction and yawn,
I swiped across many a screens.
Switching devices with Apple OS to Android’s Jellybeans,
Did my research with great care.
So many neat facts I laid bare,
Skipping games, T.V and naps.
With a few moves, clicks and taps,
I saved it all in a large document.
You know I am a dedicated student.
I thought will share with you as soft copy instead of print.
I even opened my email box,
With the swiftness of an exploring fox.
But just before I could attach and hit send…
There was an ‘Oh no!’ moment.
My fingers clumsily slipped and my elbow oddly bent,
Pressing the keys…control, alt and delete in a single motion.
What a deadly combination!?
Off vanished my precious file,
Taking with it my intense toil,
To a world beyond reach.
A most inconvenient accidental breach!
Believe me when I tell you,
It was an action I could not undo!
So please please excuse me will you…
When I tell you…When I tell you…
It was not my dog so dear,
But my laptop for sure!
That indeed gobbled up all my homework and burped with a ding!
Making me sadly sing…Ring a ling a ding!”


© N.RajaRajeshwari 2018

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