Puppy Chronicles – The frightful mantis

With a playful glance and a happy yap, the puppy approached the elegant creature.
The one demurely meditating in the corner.
A mantis saying its prayers in solemn silence.
The puppy enquired, “Can we be friends?”
A K9 and a meditating insect would make a funny pair, don’t you think?
The K9 eyed the mantis standing so still, serious and stiff,
Then with a wag the pup moved in for a long sniff.
The mantis came out of its tranquil trance,
While the puppy did a joyful dance,
The insect turned around with a saucer-eyed icy glare,
Both its arms menacingly shot up in the air,
Bulky and muscled like a grizzly bear’s, were they,
Showing readiness for a mean fight and not play,
Ready to box the curious puppy’s floppy ears,
Even as the puppy drew back in surprise, close to tears…
The mantis resumed its earlier stance,
And shut out the world, its posture in perfect balance.

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2018









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