Book Review – Carthick’s Unfairy Tales by T.F. Carthick

Fairy Tales retold with delightful spins, twists and turns!

Satire at its finest, with a heart and soul!
The quality of writing sparkles and the narrative is thoroughly engaging as it takes you on a gripping, thrilling and thought-provoking ride through the familiar yet strange landscape of an alternate world of fairy tales.
This is a book that grabbed my interest and retained it from the first till the last story.
It has been added to my family library of classic reads.
The author has innovatively retold some of the favorite fairy tales with a delightful, humorous yet meaningful take. It made me revisit and regard all the stories in a fresh new light.
Each story is cleverly spun from the points of view of characters who might not necessarily be the protagonists, making this a multilayered and enriching reading experience. All the stories carried a familiar yet a wildly different flavor. As we move from one story to the next the view points vary, spanning those of human, animal, something inanimate and even an emotion (if it can be called that)… adding a unique spin to the stories the author has infused with brilliant twists. But the aspect that I felt truly set it apart was the sense of empathy weaved into the stories, even for the supporting characters and the anti-heroes who are generally overlooked, relegated or stereotyped, diluting their existence in the story.
A strongly recommended read for the young and the old.
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