Puppy Chronicles – Detective leanings

The morning walking ritual has been evolving and I have been making a few interesting observations. Every time the garbage pickup person makes an appearance with the waste segregation cart, a rather strange transformation comes over Sally. Her body stiffens and her gait turns purposeful and she begins straining on the leash. I decided to humour her and follow her every time I have seen this happening the last few days, during our morning walk, to see what she is upto.
She makes it a point to follow the garbage pickup person and the old rickety cart from behind. From a safe and discreet distance of course. Every time the garbage man stops so does Sally. When the cart turns, Sally smoothly turns her attention to some shrub or anything near by and resorts to sniffing, with a seemingly practiced cool air of nonchalance. When the garbage pickup person is on the move again down the street so is Sally without missing a beat. But she has made no attempt to get closer to the garbage cart for further investigations yet. With a frown on her tiny forehead and a gaze keen, curiosity becomes her. It is only when the garbage pickup is done in the block does she relax and go back to being and behaving like a puppy being taken for a walk.  Whether she suspects any non-compliance of proper waste segregation rules or something more intriguing…only time will tell. She has all the makings of a detective, don’t you think?🤪

Here’s a pic that seems to bear testimony to her detective leanings. SallyBoo’s shadow bears an uncanny yet incredible resemblance to ScoobyDoo!

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