Puppy Chronicles – When Sally met Jake

It was a bright spring morning, when Jake, another indie puppy from the neighborhood decided to drop in along with his pet parent to meet the new kid on the block, Sally. Jake’s eager laughing pant and sniff were met with a raised nose and a tentative glance from Sally girl. A rather lacklustre and guarded response. At first. But Jake was relentless as he continued to wag and smile in that distinct puppy way and follow Sally. At a distance of course. When he tried to get closer, she abruptly spun around with a sharp leap, her paw raised in air threateningly and tried to rake Jake on his cheek with her sharp claws, earning a gasp of horror from the pet parent. But that did not discourage Jake as he tried to earn her friendship one way or the other. Just when we decided it was time for Jake to leave, the tide unexpectedly turned. Sally stood upright next to the door haughtily watching Jake walk away, albeit with multiple backward glances in her direction. The moment he reached the gate and it was unlatched, Sally broke into a run, reaching the gate in record time. What followed next are best expressed with pictures rather than words… This is a genuine case of puppy love perhaps…





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