Puppy Chronicles – Sally befriends a gentle giant

The first chance meet with Toffee, a large labrador, was during an early morning walk. It ended in an awkward fiasco. The moment little puppy Sally set eyes on him, she went almost flying off the leash in a bid to get away from the huge fluffy hulk of a dog. She dashed across the long stretch of the road and whizzed into the house with a yelp and took cover under a chair.

Few days later, during our morning walk, we turned a corner to find Toffee standing there like a rock. A living rock of snow with flecks of gold glinting on its glossy fur and with a compassionate face that can melt a bar of chocolate. Or in short like a cute snow bear or a Yeti-Doo, the affectionate snow giant. This time Sally’s reaction was a lot less dramatic. She retreated several steps steadily but then stopped and regarded Toffee with her keen rounded eyes. The large dog stood still, with a kind look on its expansive face, as if consciously trying not to scare Sally away this time. Gradually Sally approached the dog with slow measured steps. Moments later she was sniffing and pawing at him, like the large lab was her best buddy! Soon she was walking alongside her new found friend, Toffee, the gentle giant.




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