A slithery rendezvous

A casual stroll through the quaint neighborhood
Steeped in a world of languid thoughts so good
A stirring, a rustle in the leaves, the source unseen
Gaze is drawn to serpentine figures, slim and lean
Shaded by a shifting mantle of wild undergrowth
Gyrating lazily to their own rhythmic note
Caught they are in a steady and classic movement
A dance so endless yet achingly transient
Twin coils curling and turning, sporting a patterned sheen
Rolling languorously on a threadbare carpet of brown and green
Under azure skies they cozily engage in their play so keen
Eyes glowing with depth-less desires mingling
Mirroring each other’s ardent longing
Oblivious to time and space they sweetly embrace
A random rendezvous or one planned by moon phase
They twirl and spin with impish abandon
Frolicking under the mid-noon’s benevolent sun
Moments stretch and melt as they indulge in endearment so tender
A wanton display of timeless cosmic splendor
Then without any sign the enchanting pair takes leave
Departing from prying eyes, through summer grass they weave
Like threaded lightning they blaze away from human view
Their retreat obscured by a dense foliage, fresh and new
Leaving behind only these startling images few


Recently during a walk in the neighbourhood I chanced upon an incredible sight. I spotted a couple of snakes rolling around in the undergrowth. Slowly a crowd gathered. It consisted of the layout maintenance staff, construction workers and their kids. Majority of the people stood and watched in awe, murmuring softly. While some considered themselves lucky to view something they believed to be a divine sight, there were a few others who spoke fondly of the snakes, claiming that they see the same snakes every year.
Fortunately the few raised voices seeking immediate removal of the snakes were quickly drowned out by the majority who believed the snakes should not be disturbed or harmed, to my relief. The crowd dispersed after the snakes safely went their way. I got back and gave in to the familiar compulsion to pen a few lines, inspired by what I had witnessed.
After sharing the pics with some wildlife experts, I found out it was a combat dance by two male rat snakes and not a mating dance. Not that it mattered or made it any less amazing.
Copyright Text & Images © 2018 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

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