Puppy Chronicles – Sally arrives

Meet the newest addition to our family…Sally.
A collector of raw potatoes.
A chaser of toads and smasher of tomatoes.
An explorer par extraordinaire, who spares no corner in the house.
Snacks on grass when is she not on the move, guided by her ever-inquisitive sniffing nose! 
Prone to silent mischief though she hardly ever barks.
With a soulful gaze and a calm demeanor, she has found her way into our hearts.
Potty trained in a snap, except for the occasional misses.
Her daily routine is rather simple and neat.
Eat, play, snack, explore, sleep, sneak out to poop & pee, walk, jump, run and repeat…
Yes, we have adopted a sweet and smart indie pup!

She is almost four months old now and she is such a sweetheart! She has blended right into the family, winning our hearts. She is intelligent, well-behaved yet sassy, affectionate, social, and endearing. For the kids, technology time has been replaced with some old fashioned playing with the puppy, taking her for walks. Time spent with her is stress-relieving for the kids and older folks too.28516227_10156313236816209_7114678840614637501_o

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